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Protecting Jewish life and the Jewish way of life while empowering the community to protect itself.


Terrorism and Anti-Semitism are characteristics of modern life and while the South African Jewish community has been spared a successful terrorist attack, we are not immune to this reality, especially over the High Holy Days.


The CSO is constantly working to increase the security of the community while striving to maintain our beautiful Jewish way of life.





1. Be aware of your surroundings and be alert to suspicious activity.

2. Report possible information gathering or anti-Semitism in whatever form.

3. Avoid congregating in the streets outside your Shul.

4. Walk together in groups, always on pavements or on the right–hand side of the road facing oncoming traffic. At night wear reflective clothing.

5. Keep your walking routes to well-lit streets.

6. Women and girls should be escorted by a male, particularly at night.

7. Volunteer to assist your security team and stand security shifts at your Shul. 



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